What do your children want to be when they grow up? A new report  “The Shape of Jobs to Come” by Fast Future Research and commissioned by the Science : (So what? So Everything) campaign takes a look at the jobs they might be doing in 2030 , jobs which don’t yet exist.

It’s very detailed but one of the engaging conclusions is a long list of 110 “new ” professions. They’ve focussed on 20 of these, providing a projected “Day In the Life” for future careers ranging from “Nano-medic” to “Virtual Clutter Organiser”.

What about Vertical Farming?

What about Vertical Farming? More about this at http://www.chrisjacobs.com/?cat=3

The real purpose is to encourage children to see that there are many more opportunities in science and technology than they might have realised.  And that if you really want to make a difference to  a world challenged by climate change, population growth and an ageing demographic, then carrying on with maths and physics is a good idea.

Here’s the list:

1. Body Part Maker

2. Nano-Medic

3. Pharmer of Genetically Engineered Crops and Livestock

4. Old Age Wellness Manager / Consultant Specialists

5. Memory Augmentation Surgeon

6. New Science Ethicist

7. Space Pilots, Architects and Tour Guides

8. Vertical Farmers

9. Climate Change Reversal Specialist

10. Quarantine Enforcer

11. Weather Modification Police

12. Virtual Lawyer

13. Avatar Manager / Devotees - Virtual Teachers

14. Alternative Vehicle Developers

15. Narrowcasters

16. Waste Data Handler

17. Virtual Clutter Organizer

18. Time Broker / Time Bank Trader

19. Social ‘Networking’ Worker

20. Personal Branders