I’m chairing a conference next week where the consumer electronics industry will debate the future of “the digital home”.  I’m there to represent the voice of the consumer, so I’d love to have your input.


NTL Telewest’s imagined home of 2020

There’s an impressive line-up of speakers and having chaired the event last year, I know that the audience don’t hold back with their questions. But it would be good to be able to reflect your voice.

In 2010, we’re using many different devices to access content and, in theory , it’s getting easier to move content around the home. We’ve come a long way from the first home computer , and the arrival of satellite television seems a very long time ago. But are the manufacturers and broadcasters delivering the “digital home” we want? What do you find frustrating with home technology?

If you have a moment – I’d love your comments, either below or @maggiephilbin on Twitter – which I promise to pass on.

What is the most important piece of technology you own in the home and why?

Do you watch TV on the internet?

Do you think it’s important that devices are connected to the internet?

Are you excited about 3D TV?

Do you own a digital radio, if not would you buy one?

Do you think you’ll be spending more or less on technology in the future?

Do retailers do a good job of explaining technology and what it can do?