Two parcels will arrive at Downing Street and Whitehall this morning, with the  six books shortlisted for  the Science Book of the Year.

book prize parcels

I’m not sure I should really show you my bedroom at the moment. I’m still weaving my way through book stalagmites to get to my wardrobe…but that’s the only drawback to being invited to be one of the judges for the annual prize run by The Royal Society.

Beyond frightening. Books to be judged have just arrived. *wo... on TwitpicI was thrilled to be asked… not only because it’s such a treat to have the best science writing delivered to your door but it’s also a chance to meet some brilliant fellow judges : author Tracy Chevalier, comedian Robin Ince, and Professor Tim Birkhead and  Dr Janet Anders both Royal Society fellows. We’ve worked our way through a scary amount of coffee, cakes and biscuits to reach our decisions.

It’s been an absorbing, mind-stretching and challenging few months. Over 150 books, covering every imaginable area of Science. From sea ice to unknown medieval geniuses, the natural history of everything from unicorns to teenagers,the inner workings of the brain to the wonders of the universe.

book pilesThe 150 became 12 and we’re  now re-reading the final six, before making the final decision on the winner in October. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about the Science and Technology books you’ve enjoyed over the years, while I put up a few more bookshelves.