It’s just two days away now…

On Thursday 22nd November at  9pm on BBC4 that familiar theme tune will run and my stomach will turn inside out as I join Howard Stableford, Judith Hann and Hannah Fry for a special one off, live edition of Tomorrow’s World.

We are all very excited to re-unite to reveal which of our predictions came good and to look ahead in a fast changing world of science and tech.

Howard and I have often said how interesting it would have been if social media had been around while we were reporting on the show. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

This time round we’re inviting you to send in your questions, share pictures of your own innovations/research projects and to tell us how Tomorrow’s World inspired you (if it did).

If you want to share your story or innovation use @TWBBC and #TWLive so we pick it up.

Huge thanks if you’ve already passed on stories. They have all been shared with the programme producers. I’ve loved reading them. It is so moving to see those who watched as children or teenagers are now professors of Physics, test pilots, education innovators, science reporters, bio-chemists, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, computer scientists, games designers,environmentalists, sci-fi writers…

And wish us luck. What could possibly go wrong?  😉